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Our vacuum sealer bags are 100 microns thick. Sometimes called channel bags or embossed bags. Measures 120 x 250mm
Domestic Vacuum Sealer Bags (120mm x 250mm)

Domestic Vacuum Sealer Bags (120mm x 250mm)

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Our premium food vacuum seal bags (sometimes called "channel" or "embossed bags") are food safe & BPA free.

Keep food fresh for up to 3-5 times longer than conventional storage solutions.

For use with home style vacuum sealing machines, where only the top of the bag is placed into machine (not the entire bag).

Specifications: 100 micron in thickness (each side) making them super tough,  providing for better barrier & longer shelf life. Are 3 side sealed. One side smooth & one side embossed.

Measurements: 120mm x 250mm. Dimensions are external dimensions. Width x Length.

Application: Used to vacuum seal vegetables, meat, fish, nuts - or any other food that you wish to extend its shelf life. Can be used to to freeze, refrigerate or microwave food. Suitable for sous vide cooking.

Advantages: Lock in food flavours, safely extend the shelf life of food & stops freezer burn.