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CPET Black Food Tray Container 800ml
CPET Tray which is over and microwave suitable
CPET Containers (800ml)
CPET Containers (800ml)
CPET Containers (800ml)

CPET Containers (800ml)

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***Please note - Containers do not include film - Film is to be purchased separately*** 

Our premium packaged CPET food contains are food safe & BPA free.

Made specifically to operate with our Food Container Sealer (note - other food containers may not work with our Food Container Sealer due to differences in quality, thermal adhesiveness, size or dimension).


  • Capacity: 800ml
  • Dimensions: 215x165x38(h)mm
  • Material: CPET
  • Colour: Glossy black
  • Thickness: 650 microns (0.65mm)
  • Temperature: -40 to +220 degrees celsius
  • Suitability: Oven, microwave, fridge & freezer
  • Disposal: Recyclable
  • 1 box includes 500 containers

Price: Buy in bulk & save$$$ 

  • 40.8 cents per container - with 2 Box Pack
  • 48.4 cents per container & film (CPET Film)
  • 55.2 cents per container & film (Premium Film)


  • Used in cafes, restaurants, meal catering services etc. Both for meal preparation/cooking & mess free transportation of cooked food (eg soup, sushi, vegetables etc). 


  • 100% air tight seal. Therefore no leaks, spills or mess! - perfect for takeaway food sales etc.
  • Sealed and tamper proof.
  • Lock in food flavours & keep meals tastier for longer
  • Extends shelf life of food - great for refrigerating/freezing meals