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Compostable Vacuum Sealer Bags 20x25cms
Compostable channel bags
Compostable embossed vacuum sealer bags

Compostable Vacuum Sealer Bags (200mm x 250mm)

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These bags are made from materials that meet both the European DIN EN 13432 and USA BPI compostable standards.

Our compostable food vacuum seal bags (sometimes called "channel" or "embossed bags") are food safe, BPA free, whilst being friendly to the environment.

Use them like normal channel bags, and when your finished they are compostable both in a domestic environment (bury the bags with food scraps in your backyard/compost pile etc) or take them to an industrial composting centre. The material will completely decompose over time (around 12 months in a home composting system & 6 months under industrial composting conditions).

For use with domestic style vacuum sealing machines, where only the top of the bag is placed into machine (not the entire bag).

Specifications: 125 micron in thickness (embossed side) and 80 micron in thickness (smooth side) -  making them super tough,  providing for better barrier & longer shelf life. Are 3 side sealed. One side smooth & one side embossed.

Measurements: 200mm x 250mm. Dimensions are external dimensions. Width x Length.

Application: Used to vacuum seal vegetables, meat, fish, nuts - or any other food that you wish to extend its shelf life. Can be used to to freeze or refrigerate. Suitable for sous vide cooking

Advantages: Lock in food flavours, safely extend the shelf life of food & stops freezer burn.